19th August 9pm, 22nd August 3:30pm/6pm

“…My name is Herschel Grynspan. “Greenspan” – yes, that is how it is pronounced. Do you like my name? My family don’t. They want me to change it. I like it. It is a good, Jewish name. But because I tried to save the Jews I am in prison. A privileged prisoner – it is true. Privileged because I am useful. To the Third Reich. They did not even shave my head. I have been playing cat and mouse with that Fascist Adolph Hitler for four years now. But I fear my time is running out. I cannot let him win. So – I have one more card to play. And I will need to play it. I will confess. I will finally tell you my story. I will have to dictate it to you as I suddenly find myself in chains. Perhaps they sense I am up to something. I have always loved Cabaret. When not in prison you would most likely find me in a club. So, I will tell you my story as if it were a Cabaret Trial. Because the only worlds I have known in my short life are  cabaret and prison trials. Did I taste love? Perhaps.

 My life will end soon. Please let me tell you my story. Don’t let me be confined to the dustbin of history…”